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Aldons J. Lusis, Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine, Microbiology, and Molecular Genetics
Office:  3730 MRL
Phone:  (310) 825-1359, (310) 825-1595, (310) 825-2957

Research Interest

Molecular genetics of atherosclerosis.

Representative Publications

Rajavashisth, T.B., Taylor, A., Svenson, K.L. and Lusis, A. J. Identification of a zinc finger protein that binds to the sterol regulatory element. Science 245:640-640 (1989).

Rajavashisth, T.B., Andalibi, A., Territo, M.C., Berliner, J.A., Navab, M., Fogelman, A.M. and Lusis, A.J. Modified low density lipoproteins induce endothelial cell expression of granulocyte and macrophage colony stimulating factors. Nature 394:254-257 (1990).

Mehrabian, M., Qiao, J.-H., Hyman, R., Ruddle, D., Laughton, C. and Lusis, A. J. Influence of the apoA-II gene locus on HDL levels and fatty streak development in mice. Arterioscl. Thromb. 13:1-10 (1993).

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