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Olive View-UCLA Medical Center in the San Fernando Valley was opened in 1987 and has bed capacity for 400 acute patients. There are 150 acute medical beds served by 6 medical teams. There is an 18-bed MICU that is attended by 3 MICU teams under the section of Pulmonology/Critical Care. There is an 18-bed step-down unit and 30 telemetry beds on the medical ward. Cardiology serves as a consultation service to all cardiac patients in the hospital. There are over 100 acute MIís admitted through the ER yearly. The cardiology service is an integral member of the care team from evaluation in the ER until discharge. The remaining beds are divided between surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology and psychiatry. The hospital does not have cardiac surgery. This hospital has a large immigrant population and an extremely diverse range of adult cardiac problems, including rheumatic, atherosclerotic and congenital heart disease. In addition, it has a busy obstetric service that has a large number of patients requiring evaluation of cardiac problems related to pregnancy. Fellows rotating through Olive View-UCLA Medical Center receive intensive teaching during ward/ICU rounds, weekly conferences, outpatient clinics, and performing and reading of cardiac procedures.

Rotations at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center will consist of Inpatient Consults, Non-Invasive (Stress) Laboratory and Cardiac Cath Lab. Fellows will manage a wide variety of inpatient cardiologic disorders not usually seen outside a county facility. This includes valvular disease, congenital disease, and heart disease in pregnancy. The cardiology section has well equipped, state of the art laboratories for performing noninvasive and invasive procedures. The noninvasive lab performs over 5,000 procedures a year.  Cardiac MRI and PET scans are also available. The invasive laboratory performs 600 cardiac catheterization procedures per year of which approximately 30% are valvular cases and 50% are referred for interventional procedures. Referral for intervention (surgical and percutaneous) is coordinated with the other Los Angeles County facilities, LAC-USC and Harbor-UCLA Medical Centers. Approximately one-third of the open-heart cases in Los Angeles County originate from Olive View.

The areas of research interest include clinical pharmacology of heart failure, chagas cardiomyopathy, acute coronary syndrome, basic mechanisms of vascular injury, atherosclerosis and non-invasive evaluation of endothelial function.


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